Concerts and Festival Activities


Festival Side-by-side concert
June 2, 2019 | 3PM

BEETHOVEN Coriolan Overture
HAYDN Symphony No. 104
PROKOFIEV Symphony No. 1 in D Major, “Classical”

This concert is open to the public. Tickets available soon, or purchase NOWpass!


Chamber Music Program

As part of our community engagement initiatives to make music accessible, NOW frequently performs standard chamber music repertoire in Wheaton, Maryland. NOWsummer Festival musicians are invited to participate in this program alongside NOW musicians in select chamber ensembles. These will vary from 3-6 performers each.

After 2 dedicated rehearsals with coachings, these ensembles will then perform at various public spaces in Wheaton, Maryland, during the festival on Saturday, June 1. All music will be mailed in advance to adequately prepare. Space is limited.

If you are interested in attending NOWsummer with a pre-formed chamber ensemble, please send inquiries to


Lectures and seminars

Learn all about the many different career paths as a professional musician. Led by members of NOW, we will explore how to build your own arts organization, what it takes to perform in a small ensemble, and more! Here are some questions you can expect to be answered:

  1. What types of careers are open to instrumentalists?

  2. What does it take to form and operate a non-profit?

  3. How have the various members of NOW found/created careers in music?

  4. What career options are open to instrumentalists other than
    traditional orchestral or academic jobs?


NOWmaste yoga

Before starting rehearsals, begin your day with NOWmaste yoga, a combination of music and a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline. Techniques include breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, all while gaining a a deeper appreciation of the music being performed.

These sessions are reserved for festival participants only.